Readings By Ladean


My experiences with Psychic/Medium Ladean Snodgrass, have all been spot on accurate. She helped me make contact with my dad that has been gone 16 years, and was actually able to give me some very accurate messages from him regarding questions that I had. She was even able to describe in detail the clothes my dad wore on a daily basis. Ladean has helped guide me with tough decisions in my life through readings. She has always been kind, but very no nonsense with me. I will continue to look to her for guidance in the future. 

Mickey Leija
Have had a few readings from Ladean Snodgrass, and they have always been right on the money.  In April, she brought through my grandmother and I was amazed with the details she provided.  Over the Easter holiday, I had made a recipe of my grandmother's and Ladean told me that she was with me at the.  It is the first time I had ever attempted this recipe, and it came out perfect.  I am sure my grandmother had something to do with that.  Further in the reading, Ladean mentioned a block of cheese being sliced.  At first, I had no idea what that could be referring to and then it dawned on me.  I had made lasagna for dinner later that day and was slicing mozzarella cheese!  A detail like that can only prove the real deal that Ladean is and verified that indeed my grandmother had been right with me in the kitchen that day. 
Nancy Shaw
Buffalo, New York
 When  my granddaughter Mariahs’ boyfriend Micheal committed suicide last month Ladean told my friend Mickey that his grandmother was waiting for him and even I did not know his grandmother had passed away years ago. When I told Mariah about what Ladean had said Mariah burst out crying saying his grandmother had passed away when he was 12 and she had been the only person in the world that ever loved him. She also told us a lot of things about their relationship we later found out to be true. I was having a lot of heartache since his death because he was a troubled person, but knowing he would be reunited with his grandmother  gave me peace. She once told me my mother  (who passed away in 1986) said for me to take care of my health especially my blood pressure. It so happened that the doctor had changed my blood pressure medication  and I was taking it once a day where before I had been taking it twice a day. I had been having headaches so I knew my blood pressure was up. I called the doctor and he increase my medication to twice a day.
Margie Cordova~Ozona,TX
  I have had the great privilege of receiving more than one reading by Ladean Snodgrass. After having had a couple of really bad
and inaccurate readings in the past, I admittedly did not have a lot of faith in anyone in the psychic field. However, Ladean read
for me for the first time while I was going through something very tough with someone I loved dearly. Ladean was able to point
out that this person did not have my best interests at heart and tell me what was soon to happen. I only wish I had listened
sooner, before it was too late. I could have saved my heart a lot of trouble. After this incident and how specific she was
I knew that Ladean had a rare gift. I have since done more readings with her where she has helped to guide me through health troubles, career changes and relationships. And she has done so while remaining kind and professional. Ladean is rare gem that has single handedly restored my faith in the psychic community.
Melissa Bradford
 I wouldn't have thought over a year ago that what you shared with me would ever come true.. sharing my life with that special someone. It was one year ago today that blessing came true, thank you for who you are and what you believe in and share with people. Ty has blessed me and my daughters greatly with his love and compassion. :)) you are the best, and I wish you eternal happiness and love!
Carla Hiller
I highly recommend Ladean! After a bad experience with one medium, I was very skeptical about seeing another. However, Ladean's friendly nature and professionalism soon put me at ease. During the course of my session, she was able to contact a few individuals whom I was very close to. She was able to accurately describe these individuals without any prompting from me, whatsoever. I was impressed with the details she provided and extremely pleased with the overall reading. My experience was very positive and accurate and I look forward to visiting with her again. smile
Sincerely Liz Alley


Ladean has read for me quite a few times and is always spot on with everything. I have been to many Mediums, but now Ladean is the only Medium I trust to read for me. She is amazing and God has truly blessed her with an amazing gift.

Sincerely Shirley Marshall~Edid, OK



I have a very strong testimony of Ladean she brought my Mother through in my reading and had no way of knowing my Mother died when I was sixteen, and I was raised by my Grandmother. She also knew I lost a child when I was first married and it was a son. She left me in tears and I will be forever grateful for you insight.

Linda Armstrong~Springtown,TX



Ladean was the first Psychic I've ever been to and I was quite skeptical about it. But she proved herself to me on countless things, and I am a firm believer in Ladean and wouldn't hesitate to go to her for all my life questions. Thank you Ladean for helping me with a big career choice, you were right it was the perfect move for me.

Gratefully yours Paul Saunders~Dallas,TX