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About Ladean

 My love for my mankind and the ability to share my gifts with others has brought me to this chapter in my life.

My name is Ladean, I am a Psychic/Medium ,Intuitive, and Healer & Empath.

As well as a Certified Reverend, I perform wedding ceremonies, vow renewal, Hand Fastings, and commitment ceremonies.

I work with Spirit and the Universe to help you deal with the loss of a loved one, or to just make a connection with them. I believe it telling you everything as I get it from Spirit. 

I believe in the power of healing with first hand knowledge of its power. I will work with you in a 3 part session of remote/distance healing. 

I do personal readings out of my home in West Fort Worth, Mon-Sat from 9am-9pm (By appointment only)

Readings can be done by email, Skype and phone, or house calls or in my home. I am also available for Party's, Group Readings and special occasions. 

And healings are done via emails or Skype or Phone,or in person at my home. Listed are the gifts I am blessed to share with others 

Psychic~I work with Spirit to give you direction, and help you find answers.
Medium~I communicate to those that have passed.
Intuitive~I get feelings from those living and those that have passed.
Clairaudience~I hear the voices of those that have passed.
Clairvoyant~I see those that have passed.
Medical intuitive~I pick up on health issues.
Empath~I feel the energy of those living and those that have passed.
Oracle Card reader~I read Oracle cards that will tell you of your past, present and future.
Hands on and Remote Healer~I have the gift of healing, physically and Emotionally & Spiritually
Past Life Intuitive~I can tell you what past lives you've had.
Animal Communicator~I can communicate to animals in the living and those that have past.
Psychic Counselor~Psychically councils with all life situations.
Paranormal Investigator~ Investigations, Spirit crossings and House clearings.














 Please contact me for more information, and check below for pricing.


Blessings Ladean




Pricing: Readings: Personal face to face readings $60.00 for 30 min or $90.00 for 1 hour (house calls) $5.00-$20.00 extra for mileage, depending on where you live.

                              Phone Readings: $45.00 for 30 min  

Group Readings (In your home or Venue) $25.00 per person 8 person minimum. ( Plus Fuel Charge if more then 20 miles out of my area) Ask about rates for smaller groups.

Party Rates: Ask about rates (Depends on the amount of people attending)

                              Email Readings: $45.00

           3 Card Oracle Card Readings: $25.00

           1 Card Oracle Card Reading: $10.00 or Free with Psychic~Mediumiumship Reading

           I will draw a Daily Oracle Card for you for $1.00 a day (5 day min) Sent Via Email or Text.

Wedding ceremonies: Price Varies (ask about pricing)

                    3 Part remote/distance Healing Session $50.00

           In person hands on healing session $50.00 for 30 min

          Paranormal Investigations: FREE     Spirit Crossings: FREE

          House Cleansing/Clearing $50.00


Email: (For Scheduling)

Face Book:

Skype: Readings_by_Ladean or Skype Number 817-945-6773